Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Disneyland Day 3

Wednesday we had a much better start to our day.  All three girls enjoyed their Mickey shaped waffles for breakfast and then we were off to Disneyland!

First stop - back to see if Tinkerbell was home.  We had better luck this morning.  The girls were incredibly cute - they were so excited while waiting in line and so shy once we got up to meet her.  You can tell by their postures standing with her how shy they were acting!  It was neat that they thought we all shrunk as we walked in and then got big again.  Megan kept talking about "remember when we got small and met Karen's Tink?" (Karen plays with a Tinkerbell toy at home and Megan has a Rosetta).

Next up, It's a Small World ride.  Megan kept saying that she didn't want to go on a ride or go under the sea.  I told her it wasn't a ride, we going on a boat!  To my surprise and delight... she LOVED it!  It was so nice to finally see a smile on her little face! Karen enjoyed it too - she was attempting to sing by the time we finished the ride!

From there we headed back into Toon Town.  Daisy was doing a meet and greet and the girls were thrilled with the chance to meet her!

We all rode the Roger Rabbit ride - I am not a fan!  It was loud. Just overwhelmingly loud!  I was pretty much done just by the time I got through the maze to the start of the ride.  Fortunately Megan did ok.  She rode with my Mom and actually had a half smile on her face when they were done.  Karen seemed to enjoy it but wasn't interested in going again (*phew!*)

Then it was off to see Minnie's house and see if she was there for the girls to meet!
Waiting to go inside with Daddy
They had a ton of fun playing in Minnie's house.  They loved the kitchen, which was a good thing because we got stuck in there for almost 45 minutes!

Finally, we got out of the kitchen and outside on our way to meeting Minnie.  The girls faces once we came outside and they caught sight of Minnie was priceless!
They were a little more expressive meeting Minnie than they were with Tinkerbell, which was good!  They were starting to get the hang of it!

All this was done before lunch!  We had pizza and grapes with the kids and then I headed back to the hotel with Megan and Lauren for them to nap.  Carl, Tina, and Karen stayed out and to be honest, I don't really remember what they did!  I think they rode the Dumbo ride and hit Star Tours again.  We met up for dinner once Megan and Lauren woke up.  Lauren had started running a temperature, so we headed back to the hotel for an early night.  I stayed back while Carl, Mom, and Tina went back out.

The disadvantage of having waited a month to get this recap done is that I'm a little fuzzy on some of the activities.  Wednesday afternoon and evening for some reason is about the fuzziest!

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