Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Disneyland Day 2

We decided that getting to the parks for the Magic Hour wasn't as important to us as letting our little ones sleep, so we had a slower start to our day on Tuesday.  It was about 9:30 when we rolled into California Adventure.  We immediately headed for Cars Land thinking we would get a fastpass for the Races ride.  Unfortunately, the ride was broken down and the lines were already incredibly long and fast passes were being given out for the evening!  We tried talking the kids into Mater's ride or Luigi's tires... but both were a resounding No!  After checking wait times, we headed over to Ariel's ride.  I made the mistake of forcing Megan to ride with me (it was a mermaid ride, how bad could it be?!)... well, besides being WAY TOO LOUD, Megan didn't like "being under the sea"... we were both glad when it was over!

We headed from there to Goofy's flight school and the Jumping Jellyfish.  Karen rode both a couple of times and had a ton of fun.  Megan simply whined that she wanted to go to Disneyland... how she knew the California Adventure was not Disneyland... I'll never know.  Then her request turned to wanting to ride a white horsey.  Knowing that there was a carousel in CA, we headed there while the others were waiting in line at Goofy's flight school.  We got within 100feet of the ride and she immediately started saying no.  There are fish and sea horses on this carousel, not white horses.  She had NO interest in riding!  I think it was at this point I sent a text to my sisters and asked if they would be interested in picking up Megan if we sent her home on the next plane... :)

After meeting back up, we all rode on the ferris wheel (which Megan also resisted and complained about).  Once we had eaten lunch, I headed back to the hotel with Lauren so she could get a good nap and Carl decided to take the kids into Disneyland so Megan could ride her white horsey.  All seemed good until Carl took two steps back to take this picture.  You can tell that Megan is T minus 2 seconds from imploding.  Needless to say, she rode a second time in Carl's arms...

Carl came back to the hotel with the two girls and Tina and left Megan so she could take a nap.  He headed back out with Tina and Karen and they did alot!  They saw Pooh and Tigger, rode Astro Blasters and went on Star Tours.  Karen loved it all!  When Lauren and Meg were awake we all met up at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  Afterwards, we rode the monorail back in to the park.  We came upon Pixie Hollow and the girls were excited to visit Tinkerbell's house!
They kept knocking and couldn't understand why Tinkerbell didn't come out to see them!

From there, we all rode Astro Blasters because Karen was begging to (Megan was not impressed, not scared just not into it!).  After a screaming meltdown after the ride from Megan (because Lauren was in "her" stroller) that had people turning to look at us, we headed back for the hotel for the night. 

Day 2 in the books!  It was a good day, even with our three-year-old grump!

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