Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Bean!

My baby turned one on Saturday!  I cannot believe it has already been a year since Lauren, aka Little Bean, joined our family.  Time has gone way too fast!  I blinked and she went from newborn to toddler!

It was a busy weekend. We had planned to do Christmas shopping today, but looking at the weather realized that there was a huge storm coming in Saturday night through tonight.  So, at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon, we loaded up the kids to do our shopping. Luckily Lauren is to young to understand or care that her celebration was pushed back a day!  Her birthday dinner? Costco pizza at closing time... :)
We made up for our crazy day out with a fun day at home.  Carl's parents came over for dinner and his sister's family came over for cupcakes and ice cream.
Me and my girl!

She was pretty tickled to be sung to!

Very daintily eating her cupcake.

When you're the third, you don't get much space to open your own presents!

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Shelly said...

Happy birthday to Lauren. They grow up so fast. It looks like a nice celebration you had though.