Saturday, November 10, 2012

Treadmill running with kids

Most of my workouts lately have been happening after kids go to bed.  I'm happy to be getting them done, but it has been taking a toll on my sleep quality.  I've been getting done with my workouts, on average about 9:30 ...

One of the things holding me back from exercising earlier was that I just have not been comfortable having my little ones around while I'm on the treadmill.  Over the course of the last couple of weeks, my two older ones have seen me on the treadmill and seem to understand that they need to stay back to be safe.  So, this week I attempted my workouts earlier in the day... here's what it looked like:
Thank goodness for all the baby clothes I have... those bins came in handy creating a barrier to keep Lauren back.  Karen and Megan had fun crawling on them.
Saying hello when I hopped off to do some pushups...

She might look happy, but she's actually screeching at me.  She was ready for me to be done.  

And in case you think that Karen wasn't around... she was.  I just have a hard time getting a picture of her as she doesn't like to stop and pose for me.  I was lucky to get this cute one of her!
Overall, I like getting my workouts done earlier.  It is more challenging in the sense that there is parenting and refereeing that "interrupts" my workouts, but teose were good challenges.  I like the idea of my girls seeing me workout and be healthy.  Hopefully it encourages them and plants some seeds for when they are older!

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Kris said...

Us moms have to get creative with our workouts. Great Job Renee!!