Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pray and Smile...

My heart is heavy and saddened by the outcome last night.  I have struggled all day for the words to share what is in my mind and heart.  Ultimately... I still don't have it.  I have not yet found the peace to share my thoughts with grace or charity... so they will wait.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a note from my Dad this morning that made me smile.  The subject was: Pray and Smile
It is not a good day for America but it is a good day for us. We are here and we are able to give God glory and praise and enjoy each other and look forward to the glory that Jess is having.  We will be ok, so I pray that all of you keep your head up and be proud of where you are spiritually in all of this. We will survive and will do ok. I know now that prayer is more needed than ever as we always knew. So smile and enjoy the day.
Love, Dad

I love my Dad!

It reminds me of the other things in my life that make me smile...

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Kortni said...

Your dad is wise! Cute pictures. And, it took me all day to come up with my post. My thoughts are still quite ugly. I am just keeping them in my head!