Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted - Please Vote!!

We mailed our ballots in last week, so technically I voted last week.  I like our system of mail ballots, although I can only imagine what a mess it would be if we lived in the east.  All those affected by Hurricane Sandy have been in our prayers and I thank any who find the time and will to Vote amidst their chaos and grief!

This has been an election year of negative campaigning- it saddens me to see how divided our country has become!  The only way to really change that is likely through prayer.  Prayer and exercising our civic duty and privilege of voting. If you are interested in a great article read:  What Does it Mean to "Vote Catholic" Even if you are not Catholic, it speaks very well to voting your conscience and being a witness of love regardless of which "side" you are on.

I am not the most articulate at stating my objections or support for one candidate over another.  But I do know that there has been one clear choice.  Our country was founded on Christian principles and to be honest, those very foundations are currently under attack.  We have legislation in place today that calls into question some of the fundamental religious freedoms that our founding fathers set to establish for us.  Legislation that infringes on our rights to hold and maintain certain beliefs by claiming that access to certain services is a "right"... I argue that (right or wrong) those services are a freedom in our country but most certainly not a right!!

That issue alone would have led me to vote the way I did.  But there are so many others - pro-life issues being foremost on that list.  But, enough said.  The decision is in my hands and your hands...  

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