Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Harvest Bee

I have never regretted moving back into a small farming community and yesterday I was reminded just how special these communities can be.  A little more than a couple of weeks ago, a local farmer (and cousin to my husband) was severely injured in a forklift accident.  He had to be life-flighted to the closest trauma center and is now recovering from 16 broken ribs, shattered collar-bone, collapsed lungs, among other injuries... he has a long recovery road ahead of him but fortunately survived!

Grain harvest started around here right after his accident - we have been going strong for a couple of weeks now.  So many people were asking what they could do to help that a Harvest Bee was organized... if you've never heard of it, it is where local farmers donate their time, equipment, and harvest crews for a day to help another farmer in need.  It is a pretty neat sight!

There were 24 combines in total spread out in two groups.  My husband and our other combine is in the picture below.  This particular group cut with 10 combines and the other 14 were put in a different location.  Between the two groups, they managed to cut 600 acres of fall wheat in less than a day!
Group of 10 lined up for a photo

Carl leading the charge from the picture taking to wheat cutting...

They made short work of their 200+ acres

We are praying for you Jerry and hope that you rest better knowing that your fields are taken care of!

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m e l said...

That is awesome! I love these kinds of stories! Small towns are the best. Praying for a speedy recovery . . . .