Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Am I Crazy? {Tackle it Tuesday}

So, I'm thinking about joining the direct selling market... am I crazy?

I've thought of doing direct sales off and on over the last couple of years... with Pampered Chef, jewelry, Scentsy... each time I was interested but I really questioned whether I could see myself selling and being happy selling that product for a while.  I also questioned the time commitment to be successful when I have small children at home.

Last week I went to my first Thirty One party.  I think I'm hooked.  I LOVE bags - in a odd sort of way.  I know some people who have several purses and are constantly using a different ones... that's not me.  I find one that works and stick with it, but at the same time am always looking for a different/better/cuter one!  I almost always browse the purse section if I'm out shopping and have a few extra minutes (especially when I have no kids in tow!). 

Home organization is another big thing for me right now.  Trying to get on top of all my clutter, find homes for everything and get rid of everything else.

Anyway...  long story short, I think I can see myself selling this product and loving it.  It isn't consumable like Scentsy, so I worry about the longevity - but then I look at the fact that I like a new purse about once a year - that's somewhat "consumable"... :)

I'm still working on the time commitment thing... not so much time during the day - as there is downtime with kids napping/quiet time.  I know they would love "helping" organize shipments that come in, etc.  It's the party times that I'm still working through. Carl's schedule between farming and coaching means that most of the year he isn't home before 6:30... but there options like family close by and good baby-sitters.

Question 1 - Why am I so sold on Thirty One (besides the fact that I like bags?)? The name is based on Proverbs 31 - the value of a good wife.  I love the idea that the company if founded on Christian principles.  They pray about their business decisions and they donate to various charitable causes.  I can see myself getting behind a company like this.  It is also something that my family (Mom and sisters) are interested in.  I can see them being REALLY supportive of these products.

Question 2 - Why be interested in doing direct sales at all?  I LOVE being a stay at home Mom!  I am still deciding if I want to homeschool my kids.  The last several years of farming have been extremely good to us.  But I grew up in a farming household - I know these years are more the exception than the norm.  We have some expenses (mainly related to speech therapy for Karen) that add up.  So far we've managed them as insurance doesn't cover it.  I worry about lean years on the farm and being able to afford the help she needs to overcome Apraxia.

Question 3 - So back to my original question... am I absolutely crazy for considering this?  Or is it one of things that I just need to "tackle"... hence my posting this under "tackle it Tuesday"!!

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Kortni said...

There stuff is really good and well made. I can totally see why you would want to sell it. I think you are brave. I am horrible at selling stuff, but be brave!!