Friday, June 14, 2013


Aren't these just the cutest little things you've ever seen?
Minnie cat and Daisy cat

A week ago, I ran into my neighbor out walking while I was out on a run.  While we were visiting, it came up that we needed some cats.  Our mouse population around is starting to get a little too assertive and we thought the kids would love them.

The next morning, I see this message forwarded from her on Facebook!
So - now we have new kittens.  We were supposed to get all three but only ended up with two.  I didn't think that would be a problem - but this face has been telling me otherwise...
This is the face of "despair" every time she doesn't get to hold a kitty...

Aside from the tantrums and learning to share two kitties between three girls, it has been fun to watch them with their kittens.  It's the first thing they've asked to do every morning since we got them - to go hold them.

Here's hoping that they are around for a long time.  I can take these happy shining faces every single morning!!

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