Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of School Year!!

Time is moving so quickly!  I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that summer is here!!  Karen finished up her preschool year last week.  They did not do any sort of preschool promotion, but she will be moving to kindergarten next year.  I'm excited and nervous for her.  I'll share more on my thoughts for this in the coming weeks (she is headed to a two week intensive speech camp starting next week - so there will be lots to share!).

One of the yearly traditions for Oakesdale is a fun run to end the year.  They bus everyone outside of town and you get to walk, jog, or run back into the school.  I did it last year too - Megan and Lauren were in the double stroller and to my surprise, Karen did not want to walk.  Her cousin, Parker, ended up packing her for most of the mile.

I was hoping that this year would be different.  Boy, was it ever!!  It helped that two of their cousins were with us this year.  Lucy is in kindergarten and Grace was in preschool with Karen.

They were pretty excited.  When the run started - Lucy asked if they wanted to run and off they went!!  Lucy left the other three in the dust (I think Grace might have been able to keep up with her, but she was holding hands with Megan).  By the time I navigated through all the people with the stroller and caught up, Lucy was already gone.

I am so impressed with the girls though.  With the exception of a short couple of minutes, they ran the entire mile!  Half of it, Grace and Megan held hands!  They did so good.  There was a lot of laughing and swerving around the road - but it was a good time.  Much better than last year. :)

We all got shirts, but the girls refused to put theirs on.  They are certainly bright enough - I don't think I'll ever lose sight of the girls when they are wearing them!

What a difference a year makes though!
First day of school
End of school year

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