Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer catchup - Tuesday Top Ten

I have been absent from my blog this summer... Lots of reasons for that - so I thought I'd use my second installment of Top 10 Tuesday to catch you up!!

  1. I tackled potty-training two of my girls this summer - Karen at 4.5 and Megan at 2.5 ... Crazy times
  2. Megan is now potty trained and Karen is not.  I lost momentum and ideas with Karen
  3. My Mom is here this week to help me try again with Karen and take some of the pressure off of being mostly home alone since harvest kicked off this week (see #5 & 6)
  4. Carl and I were crazy enough to try going to Priest Lake to his Grandma's one room cabin when both girls were potty-training... That was an "adventure" to say the least. I didn't take a single picture on that trip
  5. I finally came to realization a few weeks ago that I was feeling unsettled emotionally, in my parenting, etc. in a way that didn't feel healthy.  I talked with my doctor and he helped me recognize that I am going through post-partum depression.
  6. I shared with my family and their response was one of relief because apparently they had all realized this much sooner than I did but knew I needed to get there on my own.
  7. While I have the irrational feelings of feeling weak because of this, it is also like a huge weight is gone because I know why things have felt so out of control for me for the past several months.
  8. I still have not gotten back into exercising since my Achilles tendon issues... I think that dropping my running is what led my PPD to have a more dominant presence - the endorphins from running had been keeping it mostly at bay up to that point.
  9. My treadmill is FINALLY out of the closet and where I can use it again, so I'm hoping to remedy #8 by getting back on the wagon, err, treadmill.
  10. Our house project of completing the basement is nearing completion.  We have the flooring in and some of the wiring done.  We've moved our bedrooms down there (yippee!).  My house has been in a perpetual state of DISASTER due to the various stages of work (and the fact that we chose to re-carpet our main floor too) for most of the summer.  I'm finally getting it back and putting things in place (and finding new places with my extra space!).

So... that's been my summer!  We just kicked off harvest yesterday, so I'll be posting some pictures of that in days to come.

Happy Tuesday.

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Kortni said...

Goodness...prayers for feeling of peace for you! How wonderful that your family is so supportive. Good luck with finishing the house work. I always thing the final things are the hardest to finish!!