Monday, June 4, 2012

Summertime blues

This should be about summertime lovin'... But unfortunately it's about my being in a funk. This has been my workout routine lately:

I seem to only be able to get one run in feeling okay and then am icing, massaging, and taking ibuprofen. I had a nice 10 miler last weekend but fought soreness in my Achilles all week. I didn't run during the week hoping to get it feeling better, but I "raced" on Saturday and really struggled.... It was six days between runs and still I am hurting so bad today (2 days later) that the thought of trying to move faster than a gimp makes me wince.

Yes... I am whining. I have been so focused on getting ready for a half this summer and my times are getting faster than they have been since I had kids - so it makes it extra challenging to be struggling like this. I'm beginning to wonder if a half marathon is in the cards for the summer or if I just need to take some extended time off my feet (running anyway) to let my foot heal up.  *****sigh****

I'll be better adjusted about this once I've had a couple of days to process it. Tonight I'm just in a funk.

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Kris said...

It is frustrating dealing with an injury. But it wasn't too long ago that you had your little one so your body is still adapting. Do you do any strength training? This could help a lot by balancing out.your muscles. I know while I was getting back into running after having my little one I had to strength train to keep in balance, still do. Jillian Micheals videos and yoga work great :)