Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party - 2012

********** Winner Update ****************

According to, comment #11 was my winner
Wendy from Tales from the Motherhood won a hat from My Sweet Potato 3!

It is that time again when 5 Minutes for Mom throws their massive Ultimate Blog Party!!  Each year they host a this "party" to introduce bloggers to other bloggers and have a grand time while doing it.

If you are new to Musings of a Palouse Mom from the ultimate blog party, Welcome!  I am excited to get to know YOU and hope that you stick around and get to know me as well!  My name is Renee and here's a little info about me and my blog!

Carl & I have been married for almost 8 years!

We have three beautiful little girls - 
which is nothing short of a miracle (story to come in the next few days)

What will you find on Musings? ... well, I would consider this a Mom blog that shares my journey of being a farmer's wife, a stay at home mom, a (trying to be) woman of faith, a fitness lover, and even at times a try to be cook...

Musings on country living:  I LOVE being a farmer's wife, even during the challenges of busy seasons where my husband is out the door at 5am and not home until after 9pm... I wanted this life from my childhood and never thought it possible until God brought Carl into my life!  I write about the our many adventures in our country life.

Musings on faith:  My faith and religion are EXTREMELY important to me.  I am so imperfect but am striving and struggling to raise my daughters to be servants of Christ who love Him with their whole hearts, souls, and mind.  I share my struggles and successes at keeping Him at the center of our lives.

Musings on family
:  My family is everything to me.  Being a mom of three girls 4 and under is an amazing experience, often challenging, but always entertaining. :)  I share about my journey of motherhood in all it's glory or challenges.

Musings on fitness: I am four months post-baby #3 and struggling to get my body back.  My over-arching goal is simply to get back to being comfortable in my own skin again!  Running is usually my go-to exercise, but I also have been trying to mix it up more.  I write about my journey in juggling fitness with motherhood, injuries, and house projects!

Musings on food:  I love to cook, bake, can... pretty much anything in the kitchen I enjoy.  I'm not necessarily very good at it - some things turn out great, most things turn out ok, and a few things go straight into the garbage... I have a hard time following recipes to the letter which could explain some of my kitchen escapades!  I want to share more about my adventures in the kitchen!

In honor of 5 minute for Mom's 2012 Ultimate Blog Party, I am doing a giveaway from a good friend's Etsy shop - My Sweet Potato 3.  She makes custom crochet hats and photography props.

Follow along and leave a comment on this post to be entered to win:  One item of your choice up to $30!!

Giveaway Ends at midnight April 20th and a winner will be picked via!

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Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Found you thru the UBP! Looking forward to following your adventures! Happy Friday!

Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

Ms POSH said...

That is a cool car. Your kids are precious.

Stopping by from UBP to say hello.
Have a great weekend!

Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker said...

Hello from UBP -- have a blessed weekend!

Our Family for His Glory said...

Those girls are absolutely adorable! :)

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Your children are absolutely adorable!!

Your blog sounds really well rounded. Fitting farm life in with exercising and getting busy in the kitchen while having three kids must be quite the challenge! I have a hard time with just one kid and zero exercise LOL

Michele said...

Hi! I remember meeting last year and following! Here we are again a year later! Time flies :) Your girls are precious!

Ginny Marie said...

Oh, your girls are so precious! Once upon a time I wanted to be a farmer's wife, but that wasn't meant to be. I like in the suburbs now!

Thank you so much for visiting Lemon Drop Pie! I'm following you now.

Diane said...

I am just checking in again :) I'd love to live out on a farm so now I can live vicariously through you!!!! Take Care~ Diane

Cascia Talbert said...

Your children are beautiful! Nice to "meet" you! Just dropping by from The Ultimate Blog Party I am looking forward to networking with you and getting to know you better! I hope you have the opportunity to visit our blog!

Krista said...

3 kids 4 and under... yeah, I was about there! My oldest turned 5 just 2 weeks after the twins were born! :)

And funny the one thing that popped out to me... I can NOT cook without a recipe at all. My husband laughs at me, but I think it's because my mom always just "made stuff up" and most of the time when she did that it was weird and sometimes even gross... but she didn't seem to think it was so we ate it anyway... sort of! So I follow the recipe to make sure my food at least is edible! ;) I like to can too though!

TDM Wendy said...

Thanks for coming by Tales from the Motherhood and Confessions of a Former Child Actress. I am into fitness and health as well. Read your post about how you should be completely infertile. WHAT?? How amazing that you have 3 little ones. Can't wait to hear the story on that. God is good.

Jolene said...

Your daughters are adorable. Newest follower and from the party. I look forward to getting to know you more.

giftsweuse said...

Thanks for visiting Gifts We Use! I admire your courage in being so open about your fertility struggles. I'm eager to learn about your journey, what a miracle!!!

~ Ferly
Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

Kerry said...

Hi! Congrats on baby #3 :)
Stopping by from the UBP and wanted to say hello :)
Your blog sounds like one I would be interested in following!
Have a happy weekend :)

Crystal Renee said...

Comin' by from UBP '12. Kids are darling. I can't wait to read about motherhood for you. Will be following!

QueenMomNicki said...

What a lovely family you have. I cannot imagine how crazy busy you must be with 3 girls under 4 and you still find time to work out and cook!
Thank you for sharing your commitment and faith with me. I look forward to talking with you again.

Kelly said...

Look at those sweet sweet girls!!!! I am so happy I found your blog! I am now your newest follower. I am struggling with fitness after baby #4 and girl it just isn't happening like it did after my other pregnancies!! So frustrating! I'm going to love going through this journey with you!! Awesome!

Stef said...

Love your musings. Can't wait to read on...

My Little Bit of Life said...

Your girls are adorable!! I have 3 boys and 1 girl. I'm still working on being comfortable in my own skin and my youngest is 2! I wish you faster success than me! :)